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Thanks for hanging out here with me! Here is more about me! 

I was born and raised in Utah, now living in Arizona and love it! ​

I'm married and have a beautiful daughter which is the reason I started this business! Continue reading to find out why!


I've always loved everything beauty and got my cosmetology license let's say.... a long time ago haha.

When I was introduced to LipSense® I could not believe there was a lipstick that could stay all day even when I ate and drank. I was hooked and Needed every color possible! My bank account was not happy so I decided to sign up for the discount to save money!

Little did I know 5 years ago, making that decision was going to Completely change my life! Im not exaggerating when I say it changed my life, it really really did.

My husband and I had been dealing with infertility for over 6 years, and with our current situation we did not have the funds to do any fertility treatments. When I saw the potential of creating a successful at home business with this, I poured my heart and soul into it. On top of wanting to have a child one day there were many things I longed for and knew if I worked hard enough I could have all those things.











I quickly realized there were other women who wanted and needed this just as much as I did. I helped those women reach their goals and dreams as well, and in the process was able to reach mine!

Traveling the world, buying our first home, becoming debt free, earning a free car through SeneGence, and yes, paying for IVF so we could have this beauty baby girl all became a reality!

All because I took a chance and said YES to this opportunity! 

Im thankful for the women i've become so close with in this business! Because of my team, my amazing customers and because I didn't give up I'm able to make my dreams into realities!

If you feel you need something extra in your life, whether its a community of women cheering you on, a new stream of income, something that is just for you to change up the wife and mom life, I know this is right for you! Sign up here and ill be in touch with your shortly or reach out to me if you have more questions!

If you feel you need some amazing makeup and skincare i'm your beauty girl! Shop here or text me if you have questions or need color matching!

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