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Summer Beauty Trends

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Trend Alert!! Give me that warm sunshine and the kiss of summer bronze, that tickled pink cheeky hue, and dewy skin that the winter just loves to rip away from us! I’m so ready to just douse myself in everything summertime! Want to know what’s trending in beauty this Summer?

Here you go!

1. Pastel eyes- Spring and pastel are synonymous, but this season is all about bold pastel eye shadow!

Check out more bold pastel shadows like this here!

2. High-shine lips- Glitter is so last year, but shiny, hydrated lips are so in.

Check out more hydrating glosses like this here!

3. Bright cheek colors- Think bright pink and candy apple red. You can go sheer if you’re intimidated by a lot of color.

Check out more bight cheek colors like this here!

4. Skin-enhancing foundation - Natural finish that doesn’t hide your imperfections is the name of the game this season!

Check out more tinted moisturizers that looks like your skin but better here!

5. All over skin highlighter - Give your skin a dewy moisturized radiant glow!

Check out hydrating skin highlighters like this here!

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